Valentine’s 2019: three key themes

Date : 14 February 2019

We identify common trends shaping Valentine’s retail execution this year.

Dine-in inspiration

Meal deal for two mechanics continue to be a popular option at Valentine’s, with a wide range of choice across the market.

Among those celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, the majority of UK shoppers (68%) are planning to eat at home, according to new Shopper Vista research. This enables retailers to drive trade-up with premium meal deals.

While Asda and Morrisons are offering £15 deals, other retailers are positioned at £20, representing excellent value for money compared to dining out. These include a three course dinner, plus drinks, and in some cases, extra treats such chocolates too.

Source: IGD Research

Whilst we continue to see lots of traditional menu choices such as steak and chocolates, there are some new additions. M&S stood out for its range of vegetarian options included in its meal deal, such as ricotta stacks and sweet potato falafels (also vegan).

Broadening the event’s appeal

A number of retailers and brands are working hard to broaden the appeal of the event and attract a wider audience.

Selfridges embraced the theme of self-love with its I Heart You, I Heart Me campaign. As well as traditional gifting for loved ones, the campaign encouraged individuals to treat themselves and their bodies to a range of healthy products.

Colgate launched an instagram-friendly Valentine’s themed toothpaste in a number of markets, a great example of innovation in a less traditional category.

Source: Redmart

Emphasising value

Our ShopperVista research has found that 47% of shoppers look out for promotions during seasonal events. Communicating discounts and offers can help increase purchases.

Lidl UK enhanced its value credentials by comparing the price of a full Valentine’s Day meal, with a bottle of champagne at Morrisons. This is a tactic that Lidl often uses to demonstrate its price competitiveness.

In Northern Ireland, the retailer is also offering buy-one-get-one-free on prosecco on 14th February only.

Aldi offered a Valentine’s bundle deal, for £9.97 shoppers could pick up a packaged rose, cupcake, bottle of Cava and a card.

The strategy helps to save shoppers money as well as encourage shoppers to pick up all their Valentine’s gifts at Aldi.


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