Summer retail activation trends 2018

Date : 13 August 2018

The summer months bring a whole host of opportunities to the grocery sector.

We explore three of the key summer retail activation trends that we have seen this year.

Barbeque inspiration

Retailers have been concentrating on making barbeque ranges easy to shop to save shoppers time. Dedicated stands featuring mix-and-match deals are a great way to inspire shoppers. It is also important that retailers consider online navigation… Choice and flexibility has also been important, with many retailers offering promotional deals across meat ranges.

The rise in popularity of meat-alternatives has led to many retailers focusing on offering a broad meat-free range. Clearly signposting meat-free products and offering recipe ideas helps to widen the shopper demographic for barbeque products.

New product development

Playing on consumer trends when developing new products is a great way to ensure they gain traction. Lots of retailers and brands have been looking at ways to innovate traditional summer categories, whilst others have been taking non-traditional categories and making them relevant to the season.


Retailers and brands have been installing innovative pop-ups this summer to raise awareness. Retailers can use fun pop-ups in summer locations to change perceptions of what the retailer can do for the shopper. Pop-ups help brands stay at the forefront of consumers' minds, particularly useful in crowded and competitive categories.

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