Summer retail activation 2019: three key themes

Date : 27 August 2019

We identify common themes shaping Summer’s retail execution this year across events such as summer holidays, barbecues and back-to-school.

Price and promotions: back-to-school value

Seasonal promotions will ensure shoppers are more inclined to buy into the event.

  • Casino offered price match on its back-to-school range. This will help Casino stand out for value, whilst discouraging shoppers from going elsewhere to carry out their full back-to-school shop
  • Walmart used a large-scale display with hanging signage to emphasise its value credentials across its back-to-school range

    Source: IGD Research


Health, sustainability and ethics

According to IGD Shopper Vista data, 54% of British shoppers claim to have made changes to what they buy as a result of programmes like the “Blue Planet” documentary.

Shoppers are becoming increasingly concerned about their social and environmental impact. Incorporating this into a seasonal mindset, which may be accompanied by increased consumption, is increasingly a consideration for retailers and suppliers.

  • ICA offered customers tips on how to BBQ in a more environmentally friendly way, including a step by step video on its website. The retailer encouraged shoppers to try vegetarian, replacing meat options with a focus on Swedish and local
  • Tesco included a range of healthy snacks as part of its Helpful Little Swaps campaign. During the back-to-school period, these were a great choice for shoppers looking for healthier lunchbox options

    Source: IGD Research


Excite and inspire: retailer and brand activation

Retailers and brands are working hard to excite and inspire shoppers, both in-store and beyond the store.

  • Asda worked with Kellogg’s to create a large school bus display for back-to-school shoppers, providing breakfast inspiration. Asda has carried out similar branded activation for previous events, such as its Fanta ghost train for Halloween 2018

    Source: IGD Research

  • Kesko Finland created a high-impact display for its BBQ and garden ware at the centre of the store. The display is positioned within the confectionery aisle, inspiring and reminding shoppers throughout their shop

    Source: IGD Research

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