Summer of sport trends 2018

Date : 05 July 2018

Sporting events will boost the global economy this summer as many join in with the competitive festivities.

We explore the key retail execution trends associated with sporting events this summer.

Retailer and brand campaigns

Many retailers have been running competitions this sporting season. This is a great way to capture the competitive spirit of sporting events. Exclusive partnerships with big name brands have also been common, creating a point of differentiation for retailers and driving footfall. Some retailers have fronted their campaigns with a famous face, helping to drive purchases and ensuring the campaign resonated with shoppers. TV advertisements have also been created to raise brand awareness beyond the store and into the home.

Amongst brands limited edition and promotional packaging have been popular, associating brands with particular sporting events and encouraging shoppers to buy into the event. Lots of new products hit the shelves, including new flavours and collectibles. Brands have also been hosting a number of exclusive events, helping to generate excitement and reward loyal customers.

Campaigns work best when they were consistently marketed across various channels, such as social media and in-store.

In-store theatre

There is a lot of impressive theatre in-store this year, generating consumer excitement. Front of store theatre and hanging decorations have been popular, reminding shoppers of the event and allowing retailers to stand out as a seasonal destination.

Focus on beer, wine and spirits

As sporting events are a time of celebration, BWS is a key category being pushed by retailers. There has been a lot of promotional activity and offers in this category, clearly signposted with signage. BWS has also been cross merchandised with associated purchases to increase basket size.

Digital and online initiatives

A number of digital initiatives have been implemented to connect with fans outside of the store, including in real time during the game or match. This has included apps and food delivery service offers.

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