Sainsbury's launches Disney Heroes cards promo

Date : 29 August 2019

Sainsbury's has launched new collector cards promotion, this time in partnership with Disney.

'Unlock the hero in you' theme

Running from August 21st to October 2nd, the campaign brings together Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel characters, with 144 cards to collect. Based around the theme of ‘unlock the hero in you’, the album and cards include facts, games and challenges ranging from Eating Well, and Getting Active and Being Smart to Expressing Yourself, Doing Good and Teaming Up to help keep children entertained and active at the start of the new school year.  Each challenge is associated with a different Disney Hero – from Marvel’s Incredible Hulk helping children eat well and Pixar’s The Incredibles showing how to get active.

Healthy eating link

The albums are on sale for £2.50 with two free card packs being given to get collections started. Customers will also receive one free pack of four cards for every £10 they spend in store or online and booster trading card packs will be available for 50p.  To encourage healthier eating, an extra pack is offered free when customers purchase Sainsbury’s Mini Easy Peelers, mini bananas, mini apples or mini pears. Sainsbury’s Travel Money Bureaux will also be offering one free pack of trading cards for every £100 spent.  Cards can be traded and swapped with other children to help complete the set.  In addition, there are some special effect cards that sparkle, glow in the dark, and have a secret picture beneath a rub-away surface.

Follow up to Lego cards promotion

Sainsbury's will be hoping that the new campaign repeats the success of its two highly popular Lego cards promotions to engage shoppers with young children. Last year's Lego promotion ran over a similar time period and 100 million packs of cards were given away in the original campaign in 2017.

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