Royal wedding: stand-out strategies

Date : 14 May 2018

We round up the best retailer initiatives ahead of the Royal Wedding.

Special editions

A number of brands have revamped their product packaging to toast the occasion. M&S' Percy Pigs were rebranded to 'congratulations percy and penny', following the announcement that the pair had married. Their fun and affordable nature drives excitement around the event.


Source: IGD research, M&S

Following the news of Harry and Meghan's lemon and elderflower wedding cake choice, retailers are selling replicas so shoppers can recreate the experience at home. Iceland were selling a copy for £8, whilst Morrisons launched a £7 replica.


Source: Iceland, Morrisons

Party inspiration

Many retailers are offering inspiration for home and street parties. M&S has a royal bash how-to guide, complete with product suggestions. The retailer also offered solutions through its in-store display. This helps to draw attention to the services it can offer for non-royal weddings, such as flowers and wine.

Source: IGD research, M&S

Iceland are offering a Royal Wedding Banquet Bundle for £4.95 per person. Offering a competitively-priced meal solution at a time when people will be celebrating and catering parties is a great way to encourage purchases. These shoppers are often looking for convenience.

Source: Iceland

Commemorative products

To mark the royal event, retailers have launched a number of commemorative products. Tesco is selling shortbread in commemorative tins, whilst Poundland is selling a royal wedding mug. The limited edition status of these keepsakes is attractive to customers as they are a special one-off purchase.

Source: Tesco, Poundland

Boosting Bank Holiday spending

Retailers have been creating in-store displays featuring party decorations and food ideas in a bid to boost Bank Holiday spending. Poundland has a display that incorporates Royal Wedding and FA Cup Final merchandise, extending seasonal reach to a broader audience.

Source: IGD research