Monoprix simplifies loyalty scheme

Date : 05 April 2017

Monoprix has launched a new loyalty scheme which it says is simpler and more generous.

Simplified scheme to attract more customers

Monoprix has abandoned its long-running S'Miles programme in favour of a more simple promise. Instead of giving points, customers will get discounts credited directly to their loyalty card, called La Carte. They can spend all or part of the credit as they wish. The scheme applies in Monoprix, monop', monop'beauty and online.

La Carte

Source: Monoprix 

Monoprix will give 10% off private label food and cleaning products every day. It will also have special offers on clothing at weekends, monthly discounts on major brands, and personalised coupons.


Source: IGD Research

New feature: personalised promotions

An additional feature, 'Mon top 3' (My top three), lets customers choose their own promotions. Monoprix has set up a personalised website for its top 100,000 loyalty card customers. They will be able to choose three products, out of 4,000, to receive discounts of 10-20% on. It does not include private label products because the new loyalty scheme already gives a discount on them.

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