Lidl launches new quality strapline

Date : 09 January 2017

Lidl has started the new year by launching a new strapline to highlight and combine both price and quality messages.

'Big on quality, Lidl on price'

The new strapline continues to uses the discounter's play on the word Lidl to mean 'little' while putting more focus than ever on quality. This reflects the direction Lidl has been heading in for a while with its series of adverts that draw on provenance and British to communicate quality and dispel preconceptions about where the discounter's food is from.

Focus on ingredients for everyday meals

A new advert to raise awareness of the campaign directly compares Lidl's products with those from supermarkets to demonstrate the value of everyday items. An example of this is how a shopper can buy a week's worth of lunch ingredients for the same price as a block of cheddar cheese.

#LidlSurprises replaced

It seems that this campaign will replace the #LidlSurprises campaign that the discounter has been running for the last few years. However, a new hastag #LidlPrices has been used on Twitter, showing how Lidl is still using social media as a way to communicate and generate conversation within its marketing plans.


Source: @LidlUK Twitter


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