Italy to introduce mandatory origin-labelling

Date : 30 January 2019

The Italian government has proposed a bill to introduce mandatory origin-labelling for all food products. The bill, which is yet to be passed, would require manufactures to list on the product label the geographical origin of ingredients.

'Victory for farmers and consumers'…

Ettore Prandini, president of the farmers’ association, Coldiretti, said that the initiative represents “a great victory for farmers and consumers”. It is also said to be supported by 96% of the Italian population.

However, Prandini is worried about the “uncertain and contradictory attitude” of the EU “regarding the obligation to indicate the origin on the label for eggs but not for egg products, for fresh meat but not for cold cuts, for fresh fruit but not for juices and jams, for honey but not for sugar”.

…As it proposes to increase local production

Origin-labelling is already compulsory for chicken, milk and diary products, pasta wheat, peeled tomatoes and concentrates and rice in Italy. However, this measure only applies to beef, eggs and honey at the EU level, after being first introduced in 2001.

The Italian government hopes the proposed bill will increase local production, provide greater options for customers and prevent fake Italian products from entering the market. It will also form working groups with individuals from the agricultural world, academia and trade associations.