Halloween 2019: what we like so far

Date : 22 October 2019

As excitement builds for Halloween, we share three initiatives helping widen the event’s appeal, offer ease and an element of surprise to customers.

Asda: appealing to all ages

Asda’s online hub offers a range of Halloween promotions, targeted at adults. This includes an offer of 25% off when shoppers buy six or more bottles, widening the appeal of the event and driving basket size.

Offering promotions is key to driving spend during seasonal events, with 48% British grocery shoppers claiming that they are only interested in products if they are featured on special offer.

The hub also includes several spooky cocktail recipes, such as the Dead Good Zinger and Evil Appletini, designed to facilitate for Halloween-themed parties.

Target: making the event more convenient

In the US, Target has launched new Disney-themed no-carve pumpkin kits, priced at $10.

The range, which has been available since August 22nd, will make the event more convenient for parents. Children can decorate their no-carve pumpkins whilst avoiding less safe and more time-consuming traditional carving methods.

The range offers something different and the exclusive tie-up with Disney is a great way to prevent shoppers going elsewhere for their Halloween essentials.

Domino's Japan: exciting with innovative new products

Domino's Japan has launched its Roulette Pizza to support the event, available until November 4th.

Each pizza will include one slice which contains a super spicy sauce, unidentifiable to shoppers. The slice will be topped with an invisible sauce made from ghost peppers.

Shoppers are required to order their pizza as normal, before selecting the free 'Halloween roulette' service to benefit from the offer.

This is a great way to create a point of difference for the pizza chain, and is an innovative but simple way to provide a seasonal twist.



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