Halloween 2019: 60 second round-up

Rachel Sibson
Retail Analyst

Date : 31 October 2019

We identify common trends shaping Halloween retail execution this year, supported by our IGD UK Shopper Vista data.

Frightfully popular

Source: IGD ShopperVista; ALL shoppers, 23rd to 24th October 2019.

44% of all shoppers are planning on celebrating Halloween in some form this year. Preparing for trick-or treaters is the most common behaviour claimed by shoppers – three in four shoppers have bought, or are planning to buy, food items for trick-or-treaters. So perhaps it’ unsurprising that the most popular items bought are sweets and confectionery, with 82% of shoppers celebrating Halloween intending on purchasing such items this year.

We’ve also seen some products offering an unusual twist on the trick-or-treat theme on offer this year. Fortnum & Mason offered a luxury truffle selection which included some unexpected flavours, such as curry and garlic. Whilst Morrisons’ roulette-style pizza includes some slices with an extra hot chili kick.

Purchases creeping up

Source: IGD ShopperVista. All shoppers who are celebrating Halloween, 23rd to 24th October 2019.

25% intend to buy more items for Halloween compared to the last couple of years. This could potentially be down to the increasing attention being placed on Halloween as a celebration.

Considering nearly one in five (19%) estimate that they will spend over £30 on Halloween celebrations, this is a great opportunity to encourage shoppers to add some extra items to their baskets.

Creating Halloween zones in-store and online makes it easy for shoppers to explore the broader seasonal range, and encourages more items being added to baskets. For shoppers hosting their own Halloween celebrations, this may include extra special touches to add to the fun. Alongside pumpkins, treats, and costumes, this year Tesco has also been prominently promoting its Halloween partyware, such as decorations and disposable plates and cups. These were included in the retailer’s Weekly Little Helps campaign on the lead up to the event.

Source: Tesco

Appealing to boys and ghouls in-store

Around half (51%) of shoppers agree that they enjoy shopping the Halloween aisle/section in-store. Shoppers with children are more likely to be engaged with Halloween themed products or ideas – for example 53% of shoppers with children claim to be interested in pumpkin carving kits (compared to 36% of all shoppers). Ensuring that Halloween events in-store appeal to both adults and children will help maximise the appeal.

Retailers and brands in the US provide great inspiration on how to bring the event to life. For example, Hershey’s haunted house and Colombina’s skull and spiderweb adorned displays, both spotted in Walmart, made their products unmissable within the store.

Source: IGD Retail Analysis

Tailoring the event to its target audience is also key to winning. For example, Target in the US launched new Disney-themed no-carve pumpkin kits, priced at $10. Available to buy since August 22nd, the product is likely to appeal to a more convenient solution for parents whilst appealing to children.


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