Coop Danmark: health focus & smartphone self check out

Date : 11 January 2017

We report on the latest developments at the Danish market leader including how it is supporting Danes to lead a healthier lifestyle and its new smartphone self-checkout capability.

Promoting a healthier lifestyle with a focus on vegetables…

In 2017, Coop Danmark’s stores will launch a range of initiatives to inspire shoppers to eat healthier. The retailer is starting the campaign this week, with a series of large price cuts on fresh produce, while it ultimately plans to increase the consumption of vegetables by 50% over five years.

Coop is also working to transform its ‘most unhealthy supermarket’; a SuperBrugsen store Stenlille, which sells the fewest vegetables. This is starting with a campaign to promote healthy snacks and deep price cuts on vegetables.

Broader region sees health as a priority for 2017

This is the latest in a series of healthy eating developments in northern Europe since the start of the year. In Norway, last week REMA 1000 launched a new loyalty scheme offering loyal shoppers a 10% discount on fresh produce, leading to its competitors NorgesGruppen and Coop Norge to increase the discounts to 15% and 11% respectively. Earlier this week, Finland's market leader S Group announced they it was cutting the prices of domestic vegetables to help shoppers eat more healthily for a better price.

Coop Danmark aids convenience with smartphone self-checkout

Coop Danmark has also launched a new smartphone self-checkout concept at six Danish stores. To use the system, shoppers must become members of the retailer’s loyalty scheme, which boasts 1.4 million members. To use the system, shoppers select their product, scan it with their smartphone and pay by swiping their phone on exiting the store.

In related news…

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