Colruyt streamlines loyalty offer

Date : 21 March 2017

Colruyt has introduced a new loyalty scheme, Xtra and associated app, which can be used across its nine formats and online. This new scheme will replace the retailer’s existing Colruyt, Okay, Bio-Planet and Dreambaby loyalty cards. Colruyt will be issuing the new card to 3.7 million customers in Belgium and Luxembourg from April 4th.

Making it more relevant for shoppers…

The new app will allow shoppers to enter personal data, helping the retailer better target them with relevant information, promotions and ranges. In the future, shoppers will be able to highlight preferences for ‘certain products, brands, dietary habits etc’.

…while providing strategic insight

The new scheme will also provide the retailer with better insight into shopper purchasing patterns, allowing it to be more responsive. ‘Based on new insights, we can, for example, adjust the range in our stores to respond better to local preferences and so provide the customer with a more suitable offer’.

On a related note, last month, Colruyt launched the Smart With Food app, aimed at those with dietary requirements and specific lifestyle choices.

Ahold Delhaize updates on Belgian future

In other news, Ahold Delhaize has agreed to divest five stores and one project in Belgium to comply with the Belgian Competition Authority’s conditions for the approval of the merger of Ahold and Delhaize.

According to a press release from the retailer, Lidl Belgium has agreed to buy three Albert Heijn stores and one project. Tanger has agreed to buy one Albert Heijn store and one Proxy Delhaize store’.

In 2019, Ahold Delhaize will decide whether the Albert Heijn brand will remain in Belgium. The retailer continued, “Once the ongoing strengthening of Delhaize Le Lion is completed in the eyes of the customer, the natural next phase is to integrate all Ahold Delhaize Belgium supermarket activities into Delhaize Le Lion. In the meantime, Albert Heijn will continue to open stores in Flanders.”