Coles' new 'Little Shop'

Date : 24 July 2018

Coles has launched a new collectables marketing campaign, featuring miniature toys of some of Australia's most iconic FMCG products.

30 miniature toys to collect, plus additional merchandise for sale

The campaign started last week, whereby shoppers receive a miniature toy of a famous FMCG products for every AU$30 they spend. In total there are 30 toys to collect, alongside other merchandise which customers can buy, including a collectors case, miniature trolleys and shopping baskets, plus a miniature shop. The campaign will run until the end of August and include a 'swap day' at various stores, where shoppers can swap miniatures with each other to try and complete their collections.

Evidence of Coles' new strategy

In recent years, collectable promotions have been successful in Australia, such as Woolworths' Animal Cards and Marvel Superhero Discs campaigns, with Coles hoping that its latest promotion will give its sales a boost in the first two months of its new financial year. The move is another sign of Coles' new strategy, moving away from simply cutting prices, to offering value in new creative ways. On top of the toy collectables, shoppers will also have the chance to receive one of the 1,000 miniature Coles Big Red Hand toys, which come with a AU$100 Coles voucher.

Australia's most iconic brands

Coles MD, John Durkan, commented, “We know our customers love collectibles so we have worked with our suppliers to launch a new collectible campaign in our supermarkets across Australia. We have designed them together with our suppliers to be miniature replicas of some of the most loved products on our supermarket shelves. Little Shop features 30 iconic, household brands — including Vegemite, Nutella and Weet-Bix — which are shrunk down into a mini collectible for customers to collect and swap."