Ahold USA: personalisation & private label

Date : 05 April 2017

We report on the latest news from Ahold USA including how it is working to appeal more to shoppers, as well as its innovation in private label.

Promoting newness, value, relevance & online

Amy Hahn, Ahold USA’s SVP of marketing spoke at New York’s 2017 Shopper Marketing Summit on how the combined Ahold Delhaize business is drawing on its strengths to appeal more to shoppers.

Last year, it started a weekly ‘Free-day’ promotion, offering a limited-time digital coupon for a free product. Prior to this, it launched a new magazine, Savory. This helps to match recipes with associated coupons and is available in-store an online. Both of these tactics help the retailer to promote new products and demonstrate value for money.

Loyalty data is also being used to target shoppers in a more relevant way, sharing e-mail coupons for products they usually purchase.

Expanding the Peapod online service is a further priority. ‘We’ve got the omnichannel capability and we’re trying to figure out how to make all the channels work together under a single customer hierarchy’, Hahn said.

Importance of retailer-supplier relationships

Elsewhere, Jac Ross, Ahold USA’s Senior Director of Product Development, Innovation & Product Integrity spoke PLMA annual Meeting & Leadership Conference. Ross recognised the importance of an amicable and trusting retailer-supplier relationship when it comes to driving innovation in private label ranges.

Commenting on successes in this area, she highlighted the retailer’s Limited Time Originals: Twisted Chocolate range. This included 30 products that were only available for six to eight weeks. ‘The line has been most successful in terms of generating excitement with our customers … As manufacturers, if you can support these types of programs, it’s going to provide foot traffic into our stores because we are being innovative’.

Source: Brian Lorenz on LinkedIn

Food Lion in private label loyalty promotion

In other news, Food Lion is running a ‘Score Up to $10’ promotion from March 22nd until April 11th. This will allow loyalty card holders who purchase at least four private label products a coupon off their next shopping trip. This will allow shoppers to save $0.25 off every private label product purchased, up to a maximum of $10 per visit.

Source: Food Lion

Food Lion offers over 7,000 products, under five private label ranges including Food Lion, Cha-Ching, Nature’s Place, Taste of Inspirations and Home 360.

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