Variety discounter Action tests click and collect

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 26 May 2020

Action is testing a new click and collect service in France. This is the first market where the Dutch discounter has launched an ecommerce solution.

Limited click and collet service

The click and collect service began being tested at the Metz Centre and Essey les Nancy stores (East of France) on the 22 May. The entire assortment from the online website is available to order. The payment is made in-store when collecting the order at a specific timeslot, chose by shoppers.

Source: Action France


This is an interesting move from Action, but this click and collect service will need to evolve if the discounter wants to make it successful, as it has several limits for shoppers:

  • Minimum order of €20
  • This is a booking service only, so prices and products’ availability in-store could be different to what is being communicated on the website
  • Payments by card only. In France many shoppers are still paying by cash


Source: Action France


Discounters need to accelerate their digital transformation

Back in January, we published our Discount trends for 2020 report. The five trends we highlighted have been accelerated by the pandemic, especially the “Time to dive into digital” one.

In continental Europe, variety discounters had to close their stores during the pandemic lockdown as they were considered as non-essential businesses. Variety discounters will need to review their strategy, grocery products’ assortment and proposition to become relevant in these changing times.

One of our ten hypotheses for the future of the discount channel highlight the need for all discounters (food and variety) to accelerate their digital transformation. This development from Action and the partnership between Aldi UK and Deliveroo, show the channel is investing more into this area due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We expect most discounters, led by Aldi and Lidl, to test various ecommerce solution in 2020.

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