Four opportunities in the UK variety discount channel

Lucy Ingram
Retail Analyst

This dynamic channel is becoming increasingly important to UK shoppers. Traditionally strong in non-food, household, and health and beauty, variety discounters give suppliers an alternative route to market. Now, they’re growing their grocery ranges to appeal to shoppers who want to do a fuller shop or fulfil different missions.

So, what will the channel look like in 2022? To understand what’s shaping variety discount, my ShopperVista colleague Nicola Ball and I have combined our retail and shopper insight.

We looked at what shoppers want, how retailers are responding and where the opportunities lie for suppliers. Plus, we’ve broken out the data to forecast channel size and share to 2022.

Log in for some of the highlights from this research, covering the four key players in the UK: B&M, Home Bargains, Poundland and Wilko.