Walmart launches new look for fresh produce

Stewart Samuel
Program Director - Canada

Date : 20 November 2019

Walmart has launched its Produce 2.0 initiative, creating a new look and feel for its fresh produce department.

Building on previous progress

The retailer indicated earlier this year that it would be enhancing its fresh produce department with improved visuals and fixtures to create a better shopping experience. The Fresh 2.0 initiative builds on work undertaken in 2016 which saw improvements to lighting and signage and a new angled layout. Walmart plans on updating most of its stores by next summer.

Source: Walmart

Enhanced shopping experience

Key elements of the new programme include low profile displays. These help to create an open, market-like look and feel, emphasising freshness and quality. Walmart is also increasing space between displays within the department, making it easier to shop. The retailer is also looking to have a bigger impact with its organic products through merchandising all the products together. To support its value credentials, larger, brighter pricing signage is featured.

Source: Walmart

Category gets significant focus and investment

These improvements come as the bar in fresh produce continue to be raised. Competition in the category is intense with retailers investing to create a better shopping experience, developing convenience-focused ranges and introducing elements of retail theatre. The latter includes prep areas, fresh juicing and smoothie bars. Walmart faces significant competition in this area from conventional retailers such as HEB, Wegmans and Kroger and specialist retailers such as Sprouts Farmers Market and Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Improvements in this area will also help to drive freshness and quality perceptions across the wider offer at Walmart, while also supporting its fast-growing grocery ecommerce business.

Source: Walmart

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