Penny increasing traceability of its products

Date : 19 August 2019

Rewe Group's discount chain Penny is adding QR codes to some of its products in order to provide shoppers with additional supply chain information.

Appealing to eco-conscious shoppers

The discounter will initially provide QR codes on its pineapples and organic bananas, allowing customers to scan the code on their phones. This will take them to a website which has information about the products origins, including the farm or plantations sustainability activities, audits and awards as well as information about how many people they employ and how many products they sell.

Shoppers are increasingly interested in where their food comes from when making purchasing decisions, making it prudent for retailers to provide more in-depth information about product origins.

Wider sustainability initiatives

This move comes after an initial roll out of QR technology to select produce items sold in Rewe stores. By extending it to its discount chain, Rewe helps establish itself as a socially and environmentally responsible company. Improving the performance of Penny stores is a priority for Rewe and this move demonstrates their ongoing efforts to achieving this, listening to what shoppers want and reacting accordingly.

The website will also provide customers with information about Penny's wider sustainability commitments and details about Rewe's Central American Fund. The company is keen to share its initiatives with its customers, hoping to build trust and enable shoppers to purchase from them with confidence.

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