Pick n Pay trials ‘nude walls’

Date : 08 July 2019

South Africa-based Pick n Pay is trialling dedicated plastic and packaging-free zones across 13 stores. The new ‘nude’ wall offering allows shoppers to purchase a wide range of fruit and vegetables loose, rather than pre-packaged.

An extensive range of loose fruit and vegetables…

Pick n Pay hopes the new ‘nude’ zones will increase the sale of loose products, which currently account for 10% of all fruit and vegetables.

The ‘nude’ walls include 12 new seasonal loose PnP fruit and vegetables as well as 35 loose fruit and vegetables already available to customers. Brown steak mushrooms, cocktail tomatoes, sweet Palermo peppers and baby brinjals are among the newly added lines. 

Source: Pick n Pay

…helping to reduce the use of plastic

Instead of plastic packaging, shoppers are encouraged to use their own containers, or the compostable bags provided. Sell-by dates are also now imprinted onto the skin of the fruit and vegetables.

Scope to grow

If the trial is successful, Pick n Pay will roll out the initiative to more stores. Paul Disberry, a retail executive at Pick n Pay, commented, “There is scope to grow our ‘nude’ wall offering, but it needs to be sustainable and without unintended consequences. Reducing plastic waste has obvious benefits, but we need to be careful not to increase food waste levels during the process”.