Mercadona modernising its operations

Date : 02 October 2019

Spain-based Mercadona has announced becoming a member of the Hospitality Club. Furthermore, the retailer has opened a new efficient store in Madrid and its fifth store in Portugal.

Joining the Hospitality Club…

Mercadona has joined the Hospitality Club, which was created by the Hosteleria de Espana business organisation. The organisation represents 300,000 hotel establishments in Spain.

The retailer will contribute prior knowledge of food consumption, allowing the organisation to gain a wider understanding of customers. The membership allows Mercadona and the hospitality industry to gain insight into the changing trends and innovations of food consumption.

Mercadona and the hospitality industry will identify changes in shopper consumption, obtaining vital information to allows the hospitality and retail industries to adapt to meet the changing shopper needs.  

…commitments to the hospitality industry

Mercadona joining the Hospitality Club is a part of the company’s commitment towards maintaining close relationships with society.

The retailer has committed to making improvements for sustainability and environmental procedures. It is aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of activities such as waste management, packaging and plastics.

Opening of new efficient store in Madrid

Mercadona has opened a new efficient supermarket, in Alcorcón, Madrid. The store is 1,580 sq m and operates a new efficient design model. The exterior and interior design of the store has been completed with wider aisles and a colourful design.

The store reinforces improvements that benefit shoppers and promotes excellent service. Majority of sections have been redesigned to be more efficient for shoppers, a few examples include:

  • A central gondola for specialised cosmetics
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Sushi specialists
  • New oven section with sliced bread and chilled pastries
  • New display in the fish market for shell products

The retailer has introduced a ready-to-eat section, which sells 35 different meals, such as pizza, pasta and salad. The meals are sold in containers made of natural materials, which are compostable and recyclable. A rest area in store is available for shoppers to consume the ready-to-eat.

New store opening in Portugal

Mercadona has opened its fifth opening in Portugal, Barcelos. The retailer has invested €160m into its projects in Portugal, with an expected further investment of €100m by the end of 2019.   

The group has announced its plans to launch five more stores in Portugal by the end of 2019. The specific locations are; Braga, Gaia, Sao Jao da Madeira, Ovar and Porto. The Porto store is scheduled to open in October 2019. The retailer plans to expand further in Portugal, with 10 more stores in 2020.



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