Mercadona growing online, expanding into Portugal

Date : 19 June 2019

As Spain-based Mercadona prepares to open its first store in Portugal, it is investing in its ecommerce operations to boost its delivery capacity and coverage.

Retailer expands online coverage for Barcelona

Mercadona has expended the coverage area for its ecommerce operations in Barcelona. The company has established a 10,500 sq. m warehouse in Zona Franca of Ciudad Condal to exclusively to fulfil its online orders for four post codes in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and Les Corts districts of the city. The retailer said that over the coming weeks and months it will add new areas for the warehouse to cover. In the coming years, Mercadona said it would expand the area covered by the warehouse to include new municipalities.

For shoppers not covered by the new warehouse, Mercadona has said that they can still purchase through its existing operations. However, for those in the areas, it enables them to take advantage of a longer delivery window, between 07:00 and 22:00 from Monday to Saturday, and a range similar to that available in-store.

Partners with Bringg for online orders

Mercadona is set to collaborate with Bringg to help improve the efficiency of its online delivery. Using Bringg’s platform is aimed at helping Mercadona organise deliveries from its online-focused warehouses to shoppers more efficiently. Bringg’s software aims to help drivers make deliveries faster by optimising the routes they take and how orders’ loading and unloading can be optimised.

Discussing the implementation of the software, Mercadona’s online product manager, José Ramón Pérez, said: “We are producing results with both on-time delivery and greater efficiency in all of our operations. And all this will continue to improve as we continue to take advantage of our data.

First store in Portugal to open in July

Mercadona has said its first store in Portugal will open on 2 July in Vila Nova da Gaia. The store will be followed by further openings in Matosinhos, Maia, and Gondomar. By the end of 2019 Mercadona has said it is aiming to operate 10 stores in the country, with stores expected to be opened in Porto, Ovar, Braga, São João da Madeira, Barcelos and Vila Nova de Gaia.