How Lidl France is planning to win with families this Christmas

Maxime Delacour
Senior Retail Analyst

Date : 25 November 2019

During our recent market visit we saw how Lidl France has made an early start for its Christmas ranges, well ahead of its competitors. The discounter’s strategy to win with families this Christmas is focused on a wide assortment of premium products, many gift ideas for all and some “hero” products.

Building anticipation and creating excitement by starting early

Source: IGD Research

Lidl decided to display most of its Christmas assortment as early as mid-November when most retailers only had set up their confectionary displays. By doing so it can showcase its festive assortment and build anticipation amongst shoppers. It will also secure early sales on frozen and ambient products, which families can store and help them to spread the expense over a longer period.


Source: IGD Research

Various advent calendars are available, including traditional chocolate ones for children and adults. Some are more premium and include tea and infusions or beauty products, sold at €25.

Covering most food product needs with the premium private label Deluxe

The Deluxe festive range is impressive and is spread across the entire food assortment. Products are blocked together in chillers and in ambient categories to create a stronger visual impact. The wide assortment of food products will cover most shoppers’ needs for their Christmas dinner.

Source: Lidl France

Amongst frozen products there are many solutions for appetizers and desserts. The look and feel of the packaging and the recipes are reminiscent of the assortment at frozen specialist and competitor Picard. It shows the strategy of Lidl to target a wider shopper base with more premium and prepared solutions.

Showcasing the festive private label Favorina

The Favorina private label specialises in festive chocolates and premium biscuits. It is divided into two sub-brands using different colours. The red coloured logo is for standard products while gold is used for a limited number of more premium alternatives. The range offers many festive chocolates for children such as soft toys and chocolate bundles.

Source: IGD Research

Attracting shoppers with gifts ideas aligned with latest trends

The gift ideas have been carefully selected and aligned with the latest trends. The toys assortment has been increased compared to last year with many wooden toys, on trend in France, from the private label Playtive. The assortment only includes a limited number of brands, such as Lego and Playmobil.

Source: IGD Research

The most anticipated product on offer is by far the “Monsieur Cuisine” food processor. When first released in early 2019, it was a huge success and sold out very quickly. It will be available again this December and Lidl is advertising it strongly. To drive even more sales and raise the awareness of its festive range, the retailer offers 10% off on food products for shoppers buying the food processor.

Source: Lidl France

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