Dairy Farm store visits

Our store visit reports feature floor plans, store photos and full commentary written by our team of international retail experts. Dozens of reports are made every year of stores that feature new concepts in food and grocery retail.


This new generation Mannings store, sowcases the retailers M-Studio concept, utilising more digital and experiential solutions to offer shoppers an upgraded beauty experience.
A close look at the latest thinking and strategic focus of 7-Eleven Singapore through its flagship store.
Cold Storage launches an innovative store that uses technology to enhance the shopping experience.
We spent half a day with Rustan's in Manila to better understand how its three major retail banners target specific groups of shoppers.
Bricks and mortar retailers in Singapore continue to innovate. In the run up to Christmas 2017 we have been in-store to see how the top retailers are looking to communicate with shoppers and drive trade.
See how Giant Hypermarket creates excitement for bargain hunters with vending machines, a creative marketing campaign and thematic deals.
Featuring a new modern design, we review Guardian’s new concept store in Jakarta, Indonesia.
We visited 7-Eleven Daily Café, the retailer's latest concept store, to learn how Dairy Farm is blending food service perfectly into retail, and understand how it has tailored this format for the busy white collar workers in Hong Kong.
Featuring a new modern design, we review Hero’s new concept store in Jakarta, Indonesia.
We spent a day with Mannings in Shanghai, to learn how the retailer is enhancing its health offering and using technology to improve shopper engagement.