Casino: format innovations

Date : 28 October 2019

As the retailer’s leading banners launch a range of new stores, we look at the new designs being rolled out by Casino and its Franprix and Monoprix banners.

Casino introduces lunch-focused store

Trade publication LSA has reported on the launch of Casino #PauseDéj! a store focused on meeting shoppers’ lunchtime needs. The trial, which has been running since 2 September, has seen the retailer operate a 22 sq. m store only between 11:00 and 15:00 on weekdays. The store’s assortment of 200 products is focused on shoppers’ lunch on the go needs, with signage that enables them to find salads, soup, cold rinks and chips.

…As Monoprix rolls out new designs for its Monop’ banner

In October, Monoprix rolled out a new design for its Monop’ banner. The first new store design has upweighted the food-to-go offer and integrated digital solutions to make shoppers’ journey through the store easily and quickly. The 350 sq. m store, which is owned by Casino’s franchise partner Pro Distribution, provides a seating area, to enable shoppers to eat products purchased in-store in a relaxing space and a range of 6,500 SKUs. The store’s food-to-go and food-for-now offer includes products developed by itself and in partnerships with other companies. Bulk products are available for 70 organic items.

From a digital perspective, the store uses screens to show off recipes. Shoppers can use them to visit a dedicated mini-site, which enables them to find recipes based around specific ingredients. Elsewhere, the wine offer has been improved, while a small range of non-food products are also available.

…While second new design targets residential shoppers

Meanwhile, a second new design was launched to enable the Monop’ banner to meet the needs of local, residential shoppers. Again, the store is operated by Pro Distribution, and is aimed at upweighting its fresh offer and to better meet the needs of ‘hyper-urban’ shoppers. The 300 sq. m store stocks 6,000 SKUs, which is like the other Monop’, has a bar as the main difference between the two designs. Shoppers can buy hot food, coffee, pastries, draft beer and wine from the bar, with products costing about €5.

Monoprix trials new delivery service at Champs-Elysées store

Monoprix is trialling a new delivery service at its Champs-Elysées store, which it says is inspired by concierge services offered by luxury hotels. The service sees Monoprix look to make shoppers’ lives easier for them. The first element is to consolidate online orders for shoppers, so they receive just one delivery, rather than multiple drops.

Secondly, it offers shoppers the chance to be accompanied as part of their journey around the store, while thirdly if a product is not available in-store, Monoprix will source it from another store locally. The people making the deliveries can also take back any recyclable materials so that they are put straight back into the recycling system. The service is available on purchases over €50. A dedicated team, which has been specially trained to offer the service, is available to enable them to provide the individual services.

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