Spain: innovation and developments

Date : 14 November 2019

Sánchez Romero has revealed a new supermarket model, to launch in Madrid. Meanwhile, Ahorramás has launched a new supermarket model to emphasize its specialities. Carrefour highlights its progress in the organic category. Separately, El Corte Inglés secured a place in the Caleido Complex in 2020 and will launch a new brand image for the development. 

Sánchez Romero creates a new supermarket model

Sanchez Romero, a member of the Grupo IFA retailer alliance, has launched a new supermarket model that features a new concept of a large market, investing €1.6m in the project. The retailer claims the 900 sq. m store allows a comfortable and different experience to inspire shoppers.

Sanchez Romero’s new model offers other services including; parking capacity of 65 spaces, gas station, electric stations, home delivery, click and collect, Amazon locker and personal shoppers. Furthermore, the supermarket offers a prepared food area and a cafeteria.

Future developments will see the Sanchez Romero supermarket expand to other areas in Madrid. Sanchez Romero’s executive chairman, Enric Ezquerra, claims the supermarket is easily replicated and flexible depending on the market’s needs. Separately, an outdoor terrace will be available during spring and summer seasons.

Ahorramás launches a new supermarket model

Ahorramás has launched a new supermarket model, which focuses on a change to its branding. The group wants to reinforce its counters, highlighting its specialists, in butchery, deli, fishmonger and fruit. The group said the store will be identified as ‘the market of saving more.’

The launch of the new supermarket model includes a new company logo, incorporating yellow, red and green. The retailer stated the aim was to create a modern look and to use green to emphasise its fresh supply chain. The retailer said the new model is responding to recent shopper changes, improving the brand values including; quality of fresh, variety of products and value for money.

Carrefour's innovation in organic products

Carrefour first introduced products in the organic (bio) category in 2002. Currently, the retailer has a bio range of more than 2,000 products, including private label and branded products. The range consists of agriculture and organic farming comprising; organic chicken, milk, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables. Carrefour’s Bio brand has recently launched more than 120 private label products demonstrating the development in Carrefour’s continuing and growing focus on organic products.

El Corte Inglés awarded a place in Caleido Complex…

El Corte Inglés has been allocated a 700 sq.m space inside the Caleido Complex in Madrid. The Caledio Complex is a 160-metre structure, creating 33,000 sq. m of space, led by Espacio Real Estate and Emperador Properties. El Corte Inglés plans to launch its supermarket in the last four months of 2020.

…new brand and design for 2020

The retailer has announced the project will include its own brand image and new design, creating an innovative and differentiating environment from its current stores. Moreover, the retailer aims to create a sustainable environment in the new complex. El Corte Inglés plans to focus on environmentally friendly packaging and resources.


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