Aldi UK: the wine category and shopper engagement

Date : 22 October 2019

From its new free online wine course to its long standing Wine Club, wine is an important category for Aldi. We look at how and why the retailer is using the category to engage with shoppers.


 1. The 'Aldiploma'

Aldi has launched a free online course called the 'Aldiploma' to teach people about wine. The course is made up of six modules covering everything from wine pairings, to grapes and regions. It has been designed by Aldi's resident Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn. A 'Wine Discovery' case has been created to complement each pair of modules. Each case contains six bottles and aims to aid the education process by introducing shoppers to new wines that are discussed in the course content.

Source: Aldi

2. The Aldi Wine Club

The Aldi Wine Club has been running for five years. Every three months the retailer selects 30 shoppers to be part of a panel that reviews its wines. Shoppers are sent two bottles of wine a month, for three months. They taste and review the wines by tweeting using the #AldiWineClub hashtag.

Source: Aldi

3. Buying wine online

Aldi shoppers can buy online, as long as they are purchasing more than six bottles. This is the only online service Aldi provides in the UK. Prices range from £3.99-26.99 with products from all over the world, including organic champagne.

Source: Aldi


  1. Aldi is making a challenging category easier to navigate and shop, creating a more enjoyable experience for shoppers, encouraging repeat purchases.
  2. By highlighting its expertise, Aldi aids perception changes amongst those who do not shop with the retailer, widening the discounter's appeal.
  3. Shoppers are encouraged onto the retailer's website and potentially leading them to look at other categories such as grocery or Special Buys.
  4. Aldi is creating a community, encouraging shoppers to discuss its products, generating free marketing across all social media.
  5. Allowing people to learn more about wine for free adds to the retailer's credibility, encouraging loyalty from shoppers.

What is Lidl doing to compete with Aldi?

Lidl has a 100 point system which grades wines based on their quality. This has been created by Master of Wine, Richard Bampfield. The retailer has also created a grading key which uses a numbered and lettered system to show what taste to expect from a bottle of wine. This is clearly highlighted in-store, aiming to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. Shoppers currently cannot buy wine online from Lidl, however the retailer has been showing signs it may soon launch an online store, which will likely be focused on wine first.

Source: IGD Research-Lidl Borehamwood
Source: IGD Research-Borehamwood

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