Sustainability: environmental and social initiatives

Lucy Bellotti
Retail Analyst

Date : 19 May 2020

Spain-based Alcampo pledges to reduce food waste by launching a service in Madrid with Too Good To Go. Furthermore, it has partnered with Oxfam International reinforce its FairTrade products. Separately, Iceland claims it has reduced its use of plastic by 29% over two years, while, finally, Albert Heijn has announced plans to launch milk from carbon neutral farms in 2021.   

Alcampo expands Too Good To Go to Madrid

Alcampo has extended its partnership with Too Good To Go to all its supermarkets and hypermarkets in Madrid. The retailer allows shoppers access to products reaching the end of their shelf life at a discount price. Shoppers order the products through the Too Good To Go app and collect them from the respective Alcampo store.

The group has created mystery prepackaged boxes with products available for €3.99. The retailer claims the original pilot in November 2019 sold 1,140 prepacked boxes in 65 days, contributing to reducing food waste.

Alcampo introduces Fairtrade products

Between 14 and 27 May 2020, Spain is set to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight. During the timeframe Alcampo has announced Fairtrade products will be available in its supermarkets and hypermarkets. 2020’s Fairtrade Fortnight campaign ‘The Story You Want to Buy’ is being hosted by Alcampo in partnership with Oxfam.

The retailer has an assortment of Fairtrade products under the Intermon Oxfam Tierra Madre brand. Tierra Madre products are permanently available in Alcampo, while the campaign allows it to raise the brand’s visibility with shoppers. The range includes chocolate, sugar, rice, tea, and coffee.

Alcampo states ‘Fairtrade certified products promote optimal working conditions for producers, as well as equality between women and men and respect for the natural environment’. The campaign helps contribute towards a sustainable future and complies with 10 of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDG’s) outlined by the United Nation.

Iceland announces 29% reduction of plastic

UK-based Iceland has announced a 29% decrease in plastic use, a total of 3,794 tonnes, in two years. The reduction comes after the retailer pledged to remove plastics completely by 2023. Iceland continues to invest in plastic alternative packaging, while maintaining its value-focused prices.  

Iceland claims it has worked with suppliers to remove plastic from packaging and replace it with sustainable alternatives. Furthermore, the retailer has encouraged its branded suppliers to start looking at alternative packaging solutions.

Richard Walker, Iceland’s managing director said ‘We’re now looking ahead to the next phase of our journey, while continuing to engage our customers by finding scalable and user-friendly solutions, truly democratising choice to make sustainable packaging options an affordable reality for everyone’.

Albert Heijn to introduce sustainable milk by 2021

Netherlands-based Albert Heijn plans to introduce milk from carbon neutral farms by 2021. Since 2017, the retailer has produced Beter voor Koe, Natuur en Boer, a programme that creates a transparent supply chain for dairy products.

The retailer has collaborated with Royal Aware and the DeltaMilk dairy cooperative to increase sustainable initiatives. Dairy farms aim to neutralise their greenhouse gas emissions by capturing CO2 from the grass in the soil. Furthermore, the cooperative has created permanent grassland areas that will not be ploughed, but moderately sown with herbs and clovers.

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