Portugal: recent innovations

Date : 02 December 2019

Intermaché has begun testing a new technology for its supply chain operations and is investing in an exclusive private label range. Spain-based Mercadona is accelerating its expansion strategy in Portugal, announcing it is opening a further four stores. Meanwhile, Continente has developed an efficient payment feature on its app.

Intermarché test new supply chain solutions

Intermarché is planning to introduce a technological solution to increase the efficiency of its supply chain in Portugal. The technology being tested is the ZetesZeus supply chain visibility cloud solution. The group is testing the technology on two suppliers and will gain real-time access to all events in its supply chain.

The technology comprises of delivering accurate information from external supplier systems. The technology allows the group to switch monthly email reports to instant access dashboards. It monitors order discrepancies, product permanence, transfer times and inbound/outbound shipping events until final delivery.  

The benefits of implementing a new technological supply chain operation, it increases visibility and reduces waste. Furthermore, it will allow Intermarché to gain valuable information regarding all critical events, which occur through the supply chain.

Intermarché introduces a new private label

Meanwhile, separately, Intermaché has invested €6m in an exclusive private label, called PorSi. The new range comprises of more than 1,000 SKUs across food and non-food categories. Intermaché will increase the size of the private label range in 2020 and 2021.

Intermaché stated the range will focus on sustainability. Therefore, 50% of the PorSi SKUs will be produced in Portugal, with an objective to increase it to 70%. Intermaché has revealed its existing private label will be removed or integrated into the PorSi range.   

Mercadona set to open four new stores…

Mercadona will open four stores by the end of 2019. The retailer plans to expand in the northern area of Portugal in 2019 and plans to open two stores in Aveiro district, one in Porto and Braga. Two openings are scheduled for November and two in December. Mercadona’s expansion strategy indicates 10 supermarkets are set to be open in 2019 and expansion will continue throughout 2020.

…future developments

Mercadona planned to invest over €100m in 2019 towards the group’s internationalisation project. Investments in the expansion in Portugal, is expected to reach a total €260m since the project started in 2016. In addition, Mercadona plans to continue expansion into 2020, opening a further 10 stores. The group plans to reach a total of 150 stores in Portugal, over the next few years.

Continente launches new payment method

Sonae-owned Continente launched a new feature on its Continente loyalty card app, which allows shoppers to process payments for their purchases. The app currently has 850,000 registered users. The group claims its new payment feature will make shopping more efficient. The feature is available in several Continente stores across Portugal, with the aim to expand it to all stores in the medium term.


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