Carrefour to get Loop corners

Date : 29 November 2019

Speaking at an LSA event, TerraCycle’s founder, Tom Szaky, has spoken about how the organisation would be establishing Loop shop-in-shop areas in specific Carrefour stores in France.

Dedicated corners to open by the end of 2019

Szaky said that Loop corners would be opened in Carrefour stores by the end of 2019. In the areas shoppers will be able to purchase products usually only able to be bought through the company’s website,

Corners to help Terra Cycle learn more about French consumers

Szaky said the corners would help the company learn about what consumers in France want from it and are looking for from sustainable products. He noted that its research showed how most shoppers in France were attracted to a products’ packaging and design, with only 33% of them buying it due to its sustainable qualities.

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