Auchan: developments from the retailer

Date : 28 November 2019

As Auchan continues to evolve its strategy, we round up news from the retailer.

Auchan appoints new managing director in Russia

Auchan has appointed Johannes Tholey as managing director of Auchan Retail Russia. In recent role Tholey has been the managing director for Globus in Russia, from 2009 to 2016, and has been a board member of X5. Announcing the appointment, Auchan said it expects ‘to give a fresh boost to Auchan Retail’s activities in Russia and accelerate the recovery initiated in 2018’.

Subscribers can see in-store at some of the improvements being rolled out by Auchan in Russia in our Retail execution presentation.

Auchan evolves strategy for Ukraine

Auchan is looking to grow the presence for its proximity formats in the Ukraine, after a successful roll out in the last 12 months. The move away from larger formats is being driven by local shopper trends to buy close to home, smaller baskets more frequently. The smaller stores have a more targeted range, which is also echoing shoppers’ buying habits, which are focusing on purchasing everyday staples, rather than wanting a wide choice.

Auchan Portugal adds Nutri-Score to private labels

It is reported that Auchan Portugal is set to implement the Nutri-Score labelling system to its private labels. The score will be added to over 2,000 products by mid-2020 and will help inform shoppers about the nutritional value of the food products they are buying. The label, which has been added online to provide shoppers with information, will be extended to physical packaging in the short term.