SPAR International: fighting food waste and store openings

Date : 09 December 2019

SPAR Switzerland has partnered with the food rescue app, Too Good To Go. Meanwhile, the SPAR partner for the Northeast of Italy and Emilia-Romagna region, Aspiag Service, has opened two new stores in Verona and Padua.

Switzerland: partners with Too Good To Go

In Switzerland, SPAR has joined the Too Good To Go platform to help reduce its food waste. In partnership with the app, 55 SPAR stores have started selling food packages. The food packages are worth €16 (US$17.70) but are sold for €5.50 (US$6) and can be purchased daily. They comprise vegetables, fruit, dairy products, baked goods and other items from the SPAR range, which have approaching expiry dates.

To purchase the packages, shoppers can download the free Too Good To Go app on their smartphones and register via email or Facebook. The app indicates how many packages are available in each SPAR store. Shoppers can then pick up their food packages from a SPAR store of their choice.

The app has been available in Switzerland since 2018 and currently works with over 1,700 companies across the country. Too Good To Go also works with a number of partners across the globe and is now active in 13 countries. Supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants are all able to list unsold food items at a discounted price. Since its launch in 2016, it has built a network of 14 million registered users and saved over 20 million meals.

Source: SPAR Schweiz

Italy: opens a new store in Verona…

In Verona, the new 1,500 sq. m EUROSPAR supermarket comprises 14,000 SKUs. It features a bakery, self-service and served butchery sections, a fish department as well as deli and food-to-go counters. There is also a large range of wine, spirits and beers and frozen food offering. The store is open Monday to Saturday from 07:30 to 21:00 and offers home deliveries.

The new EUROSPAR has 100% LED lighting, solar panels to provide energy and doors on dairy chilled cabinets to prevent energy dispersion. The heat produced by the chilled cabinets is re-used to heat the store and supply hot water.

Paolo Ambrosini of DESPAR Northeast commented, “The opening of this new EUROSPAR in Verona has led to new jobs, economic growth and increased development in this area. It also enhances our customer relationship, which drives each aspect of our daily work, and makes us feel part of a great family,”.

Source: SPAR Italy

…and Padua

The second store is located in a historic building in the centre of Padua and overlooks the Prato della Valle. Due to its location, the new 500 sq. m DESPAR store has been given a special layout and design. It comprises 7,000 SKUs, focusing on fresh, high quality and local foods. It is also open Monday to Saturday from 07:30 to 21:00.

Alessandro Balestriero of DESPAR Northeast, said, “Good quality, local products are our main assets,”.

Source: SPAR Italy