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Facebook users can now order food from restaurants directly from their Facebook pages in the US.
In this report, we provide an overview of the latest developments in cashless retailing and identify a number of key trends and disruptors, to which retailers and brand owners should pay close attention.
We review how Halloween is brought to life across different operators and channels in the US, the opportunities in grocery categories beyond confectionery and what learnings can be applied to other seasonal events.
Target is undertaking a major reinvention of its food offer. We recently visited its test stores in Los Angeles to see some of the early changes which are being made and what they mean for your business.
Innovation of the week: the next phase in autonomous vehicles could be the driverless trolley that guides customers around stores.
With the recent launch of the Amazon Dash Button and Carling’s ‘Beer Button’ in the UK, we take a look at the rise of 1-Click button ordering and its implications.
Innovation of the week: In the United States a new food delivery app will allow people to buy items from Rockaway Beach Boardwalk concession stands and have them delivered to their location on the beach.
The second in our series of insight presentations looking at retailers’ hypermarkets and supermarkets looks in-depth at 10 key centre store categories, providing global inspiration for how companies are looking to evolve these areas.
At IGD, we travel the world to bring you the best in FMCG retail excellence. Here are some of the most inspirational stores we have seen in 2016.
Businesses around the world and from all sectors are currently investing heavily in robotics, aiming to develop greater efficiency and competitiveness In this report, IGD showcases 18 innovations in robotics from around the world which are relevant to the grocery industry, addressing the needs of businesses and shoppers.
Innovation of the week: Selfycart has launched a self-checkout app for Rainbow Grocery, a San Francisco based cooperative grocery store.
We identify the leading tactics from North America’s leading value formats and channels, they key retailers to watch, and the opportunities for suppliers as this segment grows in focus and importance.
Innovation of the week: 7-Eleven partnered with drone start-up Flirtey for the delivery, which the companies said was the first time a drone has legally delivered a package to a U.S. resident who placed an order from a retailer.
What makes these operators stand out, how are they looking to grow and what can you learn from them?
Ramadan has become a season of increased consumerism. Retailers and manufacturers need to understand how to take advantage of the opportunities it brings. Check out this report to see how businesses around the world capitalise on this festival for 22% of the world’s population…
We look in-depth at Ahold Delhaize, which will become the eighth largest grocery retailer globally following the merger of the two companies, and examine its short term priorities for 2016 in Europe and the US.
Reporting back following our time in Bentonville, we look at ten ways in which the retailer is changing, including its focus on fresh foods, private label and pricing initiatives, and what it means for your business.
Innovation of the week: Target is testing a robot in store that track inventory on store shelves . The retailer is conducting a one-week trial at one of its department stores in downtown San Francisco.
Innovation of the week: JC Penney is targeting customers using Pinterest in a new campaign ahead of Mother's Day on May 8 in the USA. 
The first in our series of insight presentations looking at retailers’ largest stores focuses on key category initiatives.
An update on AmazonFresh and its latest developments from across the world and what it could mean for UK grocery retail
This guide provides you with our analysis of the latest retailer results and key developments in North America, along with the top five trends to watch in the region this year.
As we kick off 2016, we assess the performance of the top six global grocery retailers in 2015, review the top line strategic initiatives for the year ahead, as well as some predictions of what to expect over the coming 12 months.
What makes these operators stand out, how are they looking to grow and what can you learn from them?
Innovation of the week: New Seasons grocery stores, US, are adopting Digimarc Barcode technology, which speeds up check-out time and allows customers to scan packaging with smartphones