Spain: innovation and sustainability

Date : 18 November 2019

Amazon is opening a physical store in Madrid, for the Black Friday event. Meanwhile, SuperSol supports animal welfare by stopping the promotion of eggs from caged hens. Separately, Auchan Spain has collaborated with Too Good To Go and introduced a sustainable mobility area.

Amazon re-opens physical store in Spain

Amazon has re-launched a pop-up store in Madrid for Black Friday. It will open in Callao Square. The temporary store, called Amazonencaja will be open from 28 November to 1 December. All purchases in the pop-up store can be done through the Amazon app.

The retailer has offered shoppers an opportunity to try newly released products from across several categories, including beauty and technology. Moreover, shoppers will have access to the offers that will be available on Amazon’s online channel, throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon has brands participating in the event providing experiences, news and offers. The brands joining the event include; Neutrogena, Microsoft, L’Oréal, Scholl, HP, Cola cao and many others.

SuperSol aligns with animal welfare

SuperSol will stop selling eggs from caged hens. The retailer is conscious of offering more benefits towards animal welfare. The group has been working with suppliers to improve the environmental conditions of hens. The partnership has led to the removal of cages and ensuring hens can move freely around an allocated area. SuperSol claims the project will offer healthier and higher-quality produce, which benefits shoppers and animal welfare.

Auchan Spain partners with Too Good To Go

Auchan Spain has collaborated with Too Good To Go, to start executing its plan to reduce food waste. The Too Good To Go app will be linked to four Alcampo stores in Madrid. The partnership will help Auchan Spain reduce, reuse, redistribution and recycle. If the project is successful, Auchan Spain plans to gradually expand its coverage to other stores.

Shoppers using the Too Good to Go app will have direct access to fresh products which are close to their use by dates. Shoppers can reserve and collect selected products in one of the Alcampo stores, payments are made via the app.

At IGD Live, the founder of Too Good To Go, Jamie Crummie and Planet Organic’s food director, Caroline Ottoy, spoke about how together they have turned the challenge of food waste into an opportunity. Too find out more click here.

Auchan Spain advancing in sustainable mobility

Auchan Spain has launched a free charging service for electric cars, available in its hypermarket in Vigo. The retailer has installed two recharging points, available to shoppers registered to the Smart Mobility Iberdrola digital platform. Auchan Spain has been improving its sustainability and has implemented electric charging points to cooperate with its energy policy. In addition, their energy has come from 100% renewable sources since July 2018.


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