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Jerónimo Martins has announced its FY2022 premlinary results, revealing a positive performance across all countries where it operates, Colombia, Poland, and Portugal.

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Carrefour Poland remains focus on supporting shoppers by limiting the effects of inflation felt by shoppers. Furthermore, the retailer is beginning to test deposit return schemes in the market to offer shoppers vouchers for plastic and aluminium. Whereas, in Belgium Carrefour is focusing on technology, trialling robots who will be reducing delivery time to 15 minutes. Carrefour Poland's respon...
In my latest report I answer the question, is Zabka Europe’s most innovative retailer? Since writing, the Polish retailer has continued to grow, diversify and innovate. Store 9,000 opens in a new format Staying true to its innovative nature, the 9,000th store opening from the polish convenience retailer was going to be something different and it didn’t disappoint. As it continues to brin...
Carrefour continues to innovate across Europe and Latin America. The retailer has introduced new initiatives to interact with Christmas shoppers. Whereas, Carrefour Brazil commits to freezing prices, as inflation continues to cause uncertainty. Carrefour continues to partner with organisations to offer shoppers new initiatives such as a Deliveroo Hop store in Italy and autonomous delivery in F...


A guide to the retailer and its operations today. Updated to include the latest information on performance, strategic developments, key personnel, sustainability initiatives, and must-see stores.
Zabka is one of the fastest growing convenience retailers, and has the largest network of autonomous stores, in Europe. We visited three of its store formats in Warsaw, Poland to see if it is Europe's most innovative retailer.
Against the backdrop of inflation and rising cost of living, we have reforecast our growth expectations for global, regional and country channels to 2027. This report shares the global view of our channel forecasts to 2027, combining data from 42 major markets across all regions. It provides data on different channels’ performance and highlights which regions and markets lead the way in terms of channel development.

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A guide to Poland’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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