The Netherlands: expansion online

Date : 19 November 2019

We look at how Netherlands-based online grocery retailers and Picnic are growing their online offers. adds page for sustainable products

Ahold-owned has launched a page dedicated to sustainable products. Available at, the new page comprises 6,500 items, which have been certified by Dutch information organisation Milieu Centraal.

The sustainable credentials of products will be advertised clearly online just like in physical stores. To do this, has created a digital database where sustainable labels can be linked to their corresponding products and automatically displayed on the site. said it will expand the range to include collaborations with suppliers in the future. It has also committed to offering climate-neutral shipping by 2025. CEO Huub Vermeulen commented, “In 2022, wants to offer a sustainable alternative in every category where possible, from children’s clothing to personal care items.”

…As is connects children with Santa through Google Assistant has also teamed up with Google Assistant to connect children to Santa Claus. Children can create wish lists and play games via a voice assistant, which is integrated into Bol’s mobile app.

Using the command “Hey Google, talk to”, children can also generate a personalised story created by Dutch children’s author Thaïs Vanderheyden. The story is tailored based on the location details provided by the child. It incorporates local landmarks from their neighbourhood in which the child must help Santa find his assistant Zwarte Piet (Black Peter). Every child who takes part will receive a free eBook and diploma by email.

…And ends Save Continu subscription

Separately, has announced it will change its subscription service Save Continu to Select-Deals from December 2019. Launched in 2017, Save Continu was a personal repeat service where shoppers could choose how often they wanted their products delivered. 

It is unknown whether Select-Deals is the same as’s other service, Select. Select costs €9.99 annually and offers shoppers extra discounts on products, free delivery as well as free evening or Sunday delivery.

Picnic to partner with Nepresso

Meanwhile, Picnic has formed a partnership with Nepresso. The partnership will see Picnic offer Nepresso Coffee through its delivery service. To start, Picnic will offer the six most popular Nepresso coffee variations. If the introduction period is success, the companies will consider expanding the range.

Joris Beckers, co-founder of Picnic, commented, “Our customers regularly ask for the delivery of Nespresso coffee. Thanks to this collaboration, we can now also add one of the most requested products to the order in our fulfilment centres. Our national infrastructure makes it possible that we can now also collaborate with parties such as Nespresso”.