Latin America Presentations


Convenience is a key growth channel globally - this report identifies the world’s top 12 convenience retailers, the different types of retailers who operate in the channel, as well as what is happening in-store and how suppliers can capitalise in order to win.
Reporting back following our time in Bentonville, we look at ten ways in which the retailer is changing, including its focus on fresh foods, private label and pricing initiatives, and what it means for your business.
We profile the priorities of Latin America’s leading retailers: Carrefour, Grupo Éxito, Cencosud and Walmart. We also examine some of the smaller operators we think are driving developments and making an impact.
We review Carrefour’s 2015 results and examine five priorities for the retailer in 2016.
Traditional trade accounts for over 40% of the world’s grocery market. This report, reveals where the opportunity exists, the many forms in which traditional trade occurs and six tactics via which to maximise brand appeal and grow your sales.
We share how SMU is making a growing impact on Chilean retail and outline future growth opportunities.
We review Casino’s 2015 results and examine five priorities for the retailer in 2016
Tottus supermarkets trade in both Chile and Peru. They are operated by Falabella, one of the leading retail groups in Latin America. We visited its Chilean flagship hypermarket to learn more about its proposition.
The Rappi app, developed in Colombia, provides a grocery and food delivery service. Check out this slide for the key facts and for IGD’s assessment.
Our latest insights and trends for Latin America, including the growth of proximity and value formats, and an update on leading retailer performance and priorities.