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12 ways Grupo Éxito is driving profitability through the hypermarket channel

Colombian retailer Grupo Éxito (part of the French retail group Casino) is remodeling its hypermarkets to Éxito Wow, a format that is highly experiential, with a strong focus on innovation and omnichannel initiatives.

Walmart meets evolved shopper needs in Mexico

See how Walmart's latest store format meets evolved shopping habits in Mexico.

Grupo Éxito profile

A guide to Grupo Éxito and its operations today. Updated biannually to include latest information on performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel and must-see stores.

GPA profile

A guide to GPA and its operations today. Updated to include latest information on performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel and must-see stores.

Strategic outlook for Casino Group

See how the retailer is evolving its strategy to focus on its innovative formats, ecommerce and digitalisation.

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As retailers adjust to a rising cost base, we are seeing several changes in the in-store environment. Initiatives are being focused in four key areas including reducing labour requirements, improving productivity, reducing energy costs and limiting food waste. Here are some global examples.

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Walmart delivered a strong Q3 sales performance, setting it up for the holiday trading period. We look at the factors driving its results and expectations going forward. Walmart's Q3 key numbers Walmart's total revenue in Q3 increased by 8.7% to $152.8 bn, representing an additional $12.3 bn year-on-year Sales in its US stores increased by 8.5%, with Sam’s Club up 12.8% US ecommerc...
The Carrefour group shared its new strategic plan to 2026, which reflected on its achievements and showcases its new evolving strategic plan. The group plans to build a stronger and more competitive model which creates more value. Carrefour has set several objectives to gain market share, reduce food waste, increase its commitment to climate change and enhance its private label range. Taking a...
OXXO, a Mexican convenience store chain (owned by FEMSA), recently announced it will open two new stores every three days until the end of the year. As of September 30, 2022, OXXO operated 20,899 stores across Latin America, and in November last year, it announced its 10-year plan to open 10,000 stores. Following a successful acquisition of Valora Group (more below), we will soon start to see ...

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We showcase 30 inspirational stores across the globe which align with the key themes of our Store of the Future 2030 model.
Against the backdrop of inflation and rising living costs, we have reforecast our growth expectations for the global market and key countries to 2027. This report highlights how inflation is impacting regions and countries differently.
Against a backdrop of record-high inflation and limited ability to continue pushing through price increases, retailers are focusing on cost savings to protect margins.
A guide to the retailer, its strategic priorities and operations today. Updated to include details on new programmes and several new acquisitions.

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Latin America retail outlook 2022

We highlight five trends set to shape the food and consumer goods retail market across Latin America in 2022.

Store visits from Latin America

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