FamilyMart Japan to operate more flexible opening hours

Date : 14 November 2019

FamilyMart in Japan has confirmed it will introduce a new policy from March next year, giving its franchise owners the option to close during late-night hours.

New policy will cover nearly 16,000 stores

FamilyMart has been reviewing its around-the-clock store policy, testing shorter opening hours at approx. 700 stores in Japan. The retailer has now confirmed that it will roll this out across network (some 16,000 stores) in Japan.

Flexible hours during late-night

Under the new policy, franchise owners can close part of or throughout the window between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. (if they notify the headquarters in advance). Franchise owners also have the option to cut operating hours every day or only on Sundays. The retailer will release more details of new business policy in March.

At a press conference, Takashi Sawada, FamilyMart’s President, said, "It is up to each of our franchise owners to make a decision."

Incentives for those operating 24 hours

To encourage franchise owners to maintain 24 hours operation, FamilyMart will raise its monthly incentive by 20% to JPY120,000 (US$1,100).