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Following on from our recent article, ‘Economic pressures paving the way for private label growth in Latin America’, we take a closer look at three countries and how the leading retailers are gaining share from the major FMCG brands.

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In Latin America, the sales penetration of private label is well behind the levels seen in more developed regions, e.g. Europe and North America. But, in recent years this has started to change.    High inflation, coupled with the highest unemployment levels witnessed in over 30 years has weakened the purchasing power of many Latin Americans. As a result, people have had to reduce their spend ...
Jerónimo Martins has announced its H1 2022 results, revealing a strong sales performance across all countries where it operates, Colombia, Poland, and Portugal. Sales performance Jerónimo Martins’ Q2 consolidated sales increased by 24.5% to €6.4 bn compared to Q2 2021. The groups consolidated H1 2022 sales reached €11.9 bn an increase of 20%, compared to H1 2021. Group EBITDA increased by 19....
Multinational retailer Dollarcity was founded in El Salvador in 2009. After almost 10 years of operation, it sold a 50.1% share of its business to Dollarama (a Canadian dollar store retail chain) for a value close to US$95m. The dollar store concept, known locally in the region as ‘dolarazos’, is becoming popular. Their strength lies in their varied assortment of consumables, general merchandi...


A guide to Grupo Éxito and its operations today. Updated biannually to include latest information on performance, strategic developments, marketing initiatives, key personnel and must-see stores.
We visit one of Grupo Éxito’s latest Carulla FreshMarket stores in Colombia.
Despite financial challenges at a Group level, Casino is an inspirational retailer due to its approach to innovation and its forward-thinking and continually evolving strategy in France, Brazil, and Colombia.
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A guide to Colombia’s grocery market and how we expect the country, its leading retailers and channels to evolve over the next five years.

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