Future Talk: Europe’s leading grocery retailers in 2026
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About the webinar

The webinar will provide you with an overview of the European grocery landscape, highlighting the region’s leading retailers and how IGD expects them to grow and evolve over the next five years. The analysts will then dive deeper into five of the largest retailers (Aldi, Carrefour, Edeka, Lidl, Tesco) providing our view on their operations, strategies, and latest developments.




Introduction (Nick Miles, Head of Insight (Global), IGD)



Europe’s leading grocery retailers in 2026 (Maxime Delacour, Insight Manager, IGD)


Discounters in focus: Lidl & ALDI (Dan Butler, Insight Analyst, IGD & Lucy Ingram, Analyst, IGD)


Q&A - put your questions to our experts


Multichannel retailers in focus: Tesco, Edeka & Carrefour (Bryan Roberts, Global Insight Leader, IGD / Rachel Sibson, Analyst, IGD, Lucy Bellotti, Analyst, IGD)


Q&A - put your questions to our experts


Five actions for suppliers (Nick Miles, Head of Insight (Global), IGD)




Why attend?

  • Learn who Europe’s leading retailers are and how a relatively small number will continue to dominate the landscape.
  • If you are a retailer, having an external lens on what others are doing will help you stay on top of the latest trends. How these retailers grow and evolve will influence the future direction of retail across the region.
  • If you are a supplier, knowing how retail strategies are evolving will enable you to align plans and strengthen your trading relationships with the most important retailers.



Welcome and introduction

Lucy Bellotti, Retail Analyst, IGD

Session 1: Supermarket of the future in Australasia

  • Our projections for channel growth in Australia and New Zealand through to 2026
  • Overview of our Australian trends for 2022
  • IGD’s store of the Future 2030 model and how we see supermarkets in Australasia evolving

Nick Miles, Head of Retail, IGD

Session 2: How are stores evolving in North America?

  • What is driving supermarket strategies?
  • Where the USA is leading the world
  • Inspiration from best-in-class retail concepts

Stewart Samuel, Program Director – Americas, IGD

Nick Miles, Head of Insight (Global) IGD

Nick Miles

Head of Insight (Global), IGD


Nick leads the Global Insight team at IGD and is responsible for our coverage of the leading markets, retailers and channels. He has over a decade of experience of researching retail around the world, having previously led IGD’s research across APAC and Europe.

Maxime Delacour, Insight Manager, IGD

Maxime Delacour

Insight Manager, IGD


Maxime works across a variety of regions including Europe, North America and Middle East and Africa analysing the latest trends shaping the different markets and channels. He works closely with suppliers and retailers to ensure insights are relevant and actionable.

Dan Butler, Analyst, IGD

Dan Butler

Analyst, IGD


Dan provides insight on retailer strategies and market trends in Europe. He focuses on analysing trends in the discount channel and has specialist knowledge in operational efficiencies and inventory management.

Lucy Ingram, Analyst, IGD

Lucy Ingram

Analyst, IGD


Lucy specialises in research on the discount channel globally. She looks for the best practices and latest concepts to help manufacturers and retailers identify opportunities in this rapidly growing channel.

Bryan Roberts, Global Insight Leader, IGD

Bryan Roberts

Global Insight Leader, IGD


Bryan works with a variety of IGD’s retail and supplier customers to create mutual benefit and better meet shopper needs.

Rachel Sibson, Analyst, IGD

Rachel Sibson

Analyst, IGD


Rachel works on IGD’s ecommerce retail insight, with responsibility for tracking the latest industry trends, with a particular focus on Western Europe and North America.

Lucy Bellotti, Analyst, IGD

Lucy Bellotti

Analyst, IGD


Lucy is responsible for IGD’s research on Southern Europe. She also specialises in providing insight on retailers’ strategic developments and sustainability trends.

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