Food-to-go & eating out presentations


California is one of the most advanced regions in the world when it comes to health and wellness trends.
We look at the strategic priorities for Co-op, the UK’s largest consumer co-operative, as it balances its core values and long term goals with changes brought about by COVID-19.
Taco Bell Defy is the chain's first four-lane drive-thru, optimised for efficient ordering in two minutes or less.
This report looks at the coffee specialists sector of the food-to-go market for 2022. We look at the challenges, opportunities and latest trends shaping the sector this year, for operators and suppliers. Learn about the rising stars in the UK market and inspiration from innovation in coffee shops around the world.
See the top trends shaping the eating out market in 2022 and beyond, with examples from operators leading the way around the world.
A global overview of the impact of rising costs on grocery retailers and their suppliers in major markets. How shopping habits and channel dynamics are evolving. How retailers are reacting and adapting to try to continue to deliver value to their shoppers.
Asia has some of the most developed convenience markets in the world. Find out what can be learned.
The latest retail and shopper trends report considers the key trends shaping the UK retail landscape in Q2 2022, including inflation and shopper confidence. We also take a look at the UK eating out market forecast, five trends shaping UK convenience retailing and sustainability.
Baskin Robbins has launched an unstaffed store called ‘flow’.
In this report, we forecast the value of the UK's eating out sector in 2022 as it tries to recover from Covid and look at the implications for the nine subsectors which comprise this market.