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Food-to-go trends 2022

The five trends shaping food-to-go around the world this year with examples of the operators and retailers already leading the way.

How to win in omnichannel food-to-go

After fast-tracking digital development during the pandemic, food-to-go retailers and operators are starting to focus on how to offer a seamless brand experience to customers – across all channels.

UK Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) sector report 2021

This report covers the UK quick service restaurants market, its challenges and opportunities, and the latest trends.

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UK food-to-go market 2021-2026

Our predictions for a return to growth. We examine the short and longer term outlook for each sub-sector (coffee specialists, food-to-go specialists, QSR, convenience/forecourts and supermarkets/hypermarkets) and highlight implications for operators, retailers and suppliers.

Eating In vs Dining Out: drivers of future change in the UK food and drink market

In this report we identify which of the 10 drivers of change will have the biggest long term impact on the UK food and drink industry, and what this means for businesses in the sector.

The food-to-go store of the future (updated)

Updated with new examples - Major foodservice operators are starting to roll-out new store concepts, developed for the post-pandemic era. We look at 10 formats and the key themes linking them together.

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McDonald’s has opened a new restaurant in the UK that is its testing ground for sustainable initiatives. The restaurant is its first restaurant in the UK and Ireland certified to the UKGBC Net Zero Standard.

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2022 will be a year of continued innovation, concept development and new ways of doing business, as the market moves forward to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer.  Our 2021 UK market forecasts showed that while the UK food-to-go market looks set to recover quicker than first expected, it will not reach its pre-Covid value until the second half of 2022. The faster-than-expected reco...
Roughly 60% of Brazil’s convenience stores are franchises of major fuel brands. The big three retailers are ampm (operated by Ipiranga), BR Mania (Petrobras) and Shell Select. Source: Brasil Postos The channel has grown exponentially over the last decade, however only 20% of Brazil’s total fuel stations (around 8,100 out of 40,000) have convenience stores. The penetration of stores is ...
Despite the uncertainty and complexity created by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last 18 months, retailers across Europe have continued to focus on and invest in store innovation to meet the changing demands of the shopper. From hydroponic herb greenhouses and walkout payment technology, to restaurant meals and refill stations, the market is developing exciting new concepts and opportunities t...
Food-to-go Channel Update

Current developments in food-to-go with our round up of the latest news.

Eating In Vs Dining Out

Read our new Eating In Vs Dining Out research to help plan for the future during and post-COVID.

Eating In vs Dining Out: drivers of future change in the UK food and drink market

Eating In vs Dining Out: what does foodservice reopening mean for retail?

The impact of COVID-19 on the UK food and drink market in 2020

UK food and drink market outlook for 2021

Four scenarios for the UK food and drink market post-COVID