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Meal deals: how are they evolving?

With 42% of food-to-go shoppers completing lunch deal missions we look at what matters to these shoppers.  We showcase examples from retail and food service catering to different needs and identify potential opportunities for pricing, mission targeting and range development. 

UK food-to-go market 2021-2026

Our predictions for a return to growth. We examine the short and longer term outlook for each sub-sector (coffee specialists, food-to-go specialists, QSR, convenience/forecourts and supermarkets/hypermarkets) and highlight implications for operators, retailers and suppliers.

UK coffee shop sector report 2021

This report covers the UK coffee shop market, its challenges and opportunities, and the latest trends.

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Eating In vs Dining Out: what does foodservice reopening mean for retail?

In collaboration with foodservice consultant Peter Backman, we forecast the size of the UK food and drink market in 2021 and examine how retail and foodservice shares will evolve. 

Food-to-go trends 2021

Key influences shaping the direction of the food-to-go market around the world, this year and beyond.  Illustrated with examples of retailers and operators already leading the way in adapting to changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The food-to-go store of the future (updated)

Updated with new examples - Major foodservice operators are starting to roll-out new store concepts, developed for the post-pandemic era. We look at 10 formats and the key themes linking them together.

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Leading UK convenience retailer Co-op has added a new format to its portfolio with the opening of its first 24-hour self-serve, cashless Micro Market.

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As part of its partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands, Walmart has opened its first ghost kitchen at its store in Rochester, New York. Bringing new brands to the market Through this partnership, shoppers at the store will be able to make a one-stop meal pickup, or order for delivery, from up to 25 well-known foodservice brands. These include several brands which are new to Ghost Kitchens’ ro...
One of our key food-to-go trends for 2021 is format diversity . Accelerated by the pandemic and the sudden change in shopper lifestyles and habits, food-to-go operators and retailers have had to come up with new solutions to meet changing shopper needs. With many changes likely to be long-term, such as working from home or hybrid working, the need to create convenient, accessible food-to-go solu...
Come and join us in person at this year’s lunch! Show on 23 September - we’ll be sharing our latest forecasts and insight on the Food-to-Go market and we’ll also take you through the changing landscape of the coffee shop market. The Road to Recovery for Food-to-Go 12.45-1.15pm, Keynote Theatre 3, 23 September Food-to-go market is recovering faster than expected Our latest forecasts pred...
Food-to-go Channel Update

Current developments in food-to-go with our round up of the latest news.

Eating In Vs Dining Out

Read our new Eating In Vs Dining Out research to help plan for the future during and post-COVID.

Eating In vs Dining Out: what does foodservice reopening mean for retail?

The impact of COVID-19 on the UK food and drink market in 2020

UK food and drink market outlook for 2021

Four scenarios for the UK food and drink market post-COVID