08 March 2012
Economic outlook: Three reasons not to be cheerful

The latest results from IGD’s ShopperVista research programme show a small improvement in shopper confidence across a number of measures.

IGD’s findings have been supported by other noted continuous research agencies – Nationwide and GfK NOP have also identified an improvement in sentiment in the same period.

The apparent upturn in confidence coincides with positive movements in other economic and commercial measures – rising equity prices, slowing inflation, rising retail volumes etc.

This news will offer encouragement for consumer-facing businesses, especially after such a long period of relentlessly negative reporting.

Better still, 2012 will see a number of special events – the Olympics / Paralympics, Euro 2012, the Diamond Jubilee – which might have a morale boosting effect.

The question, however, is this: do these changes indicate the beginning of a sustained economic recovery – and an upturn in demand – or are we seeing a short-lived “blip” in an otherwise gloomy landscape?

Find out more about the outlook ahead in our forthcoming webinar: Shoppers, the economy and you on March 27th.

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