16 February 2017
Food-to-go innovators: Sweetgreen

 We take a look at the innovative US salad chain Sweetgreen.

What's the concept?

Scratch preparation of salad and seasonally, hot winter bowls, lies at the heart of what this US specialist is all about.

What makes it stand out?

Healthy, fresh, organic ingredients are at the forefront of its offer, but its the hyper local nature of its offer that truly sets this food-to-go specialist apart. Menus and suppliers change according to the local region, with Sweetgreen stores prominently communicating the names and locations of their suppliers in-store. This takes transparency to a new level, and converts its supply chain structure to become a real asset.

Where can I see it?

Sweetgreen is based in Los Angeles, where it opened its first store in 2007, and has developed its estate in key cities along the Eastern and Western seaboards, and in Chicago. It now operates c. 50 stores.   

Where's next?

Sweetgreen continues to expand in the US and look for new locations. Its model is such that developing clusters of stores in key cities is the most effective way to expand, as it has done to great effect in markets like the Washington DC area. What's really interesting however is how it is pioneering the cashless store: it's in the process of converting almost all its estate to accept only card payment. A healthy focus and a strong understanding of the needs of its core millennial customer base should stand it in good stead for further growth.

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