06 April 2017
LuLu’s increasing focus on organic options

There is a growing demand for healthy food options in Qatar and the UAE. Customers are becoming more health conscious, with organic products receiving attention.

Growing demand

Qatar’s government has recently focused on healthy living, spotlighting its benefits to local shoppers. This has led to an increased awareness among Qataris and expats of organic products. Lulu has seen a developing interest for locally grown produce. A couple of years ago there was little demand for these products but recently this has increased.

Sales at Lulu of locally grown vegetables have increased from AED1.3m (US$ 353k) three years ago to AED4m (US$1m) currently. Aided by the promotion of its organic ranges, Lulu is aiming to drive annual sales to AED6m (US$1.6m).

Lulu promotes a healthy living lifestyle

The Qatar Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and Lulu have combined to create a public/private programme to allow customers to buy locally grown produce easily. Lulu sees it as part of its social responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Within its new outlets in Qatar, Al Messila and Barwa specific sections are dedicated to organic and healthy products. It aims to roll out this focus also to UAE hypermarkets, and is committed to sourcing the most premium healthy living international brands.

Lulu also recently took part in Qatar’s festival supporting and promoting the local agriculture and livestock industry. It aims to go beyond just buying and selling these products to further helping support farmers. This includes the logistics of getting their produce to supermarkets, and its packaging.

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