16 March 2017
Aldi introduces new logo

Global discounter Aldi Süd has unveiled a new logo as part of its strategy to modernise.

Logo launched on Aldi China website

The new logo was first introduced earlier this year when Aldi launched a new website for its impending Chinese market entry. Aldi will roll out the new logo to all markets from June onwards. It was designed by illion. Markensocietaet: a design agency based in Selters, west Germany. This is the second time that Aldi has redesigned its current logo, with the last time being in 2006. 

New, modern look

The new logo is similar to the existing version with mostly the same colours used. The most significant change is the use of a more wave-like font for the Aldi 'A', as well as the font for 'Aldi' underneath. Kirsten Gess, communication director at Aldi Süd has said, "For our customers, this is reflected by the ongoing development of our product range, redesigning our branches or actions as the next pop-up store, 'My Wine World'. The fresh visual design of the new logo is ideal for the current process of modernisation of Aldi Süd."

Read about how Aldi is modernising its stores in our report on Aldi's global strategic initiatives.

New logo extends to Hofer fascia

Aldi Süd's modernisation will also impact Hofer, which has a new logo as well. Aldi Süd operates the Hofer brand in Austria and Slovenia. Look out for our upcoming Hofer Slovenia store visit report.

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