05 January 2017
Auchan announces initiatives for Italy

Auchan has launched a range of initiatives in Italy as it looks to boost its performance in the country. We round up the steps it has recently taken and its investment plans for the country.

Auchan-Sma splits purchasing alliance with Sisa

Auchan-Sma has said that it has split its purchasing alliance with Sisa, effective from the beginning of January 2017. The two parties began working together from January 2015, with the alliance meant to be lasting for an initial four-year period. However, Auchan-Sma and Sisa said that both sides had chosen to end the agreement earlier. Following the exit of Sisa, Auchan-Sma remains in alliance with co-operatives Crai and the C3 consortium.

Stores to begin selling Russian-made confectionary

Underlining the benefits of its regional size and buying, Auchan has started to import confectionery products produced in Russia for its stores in Italy. The 15 private label products, under the Sladkiy Ostrov (Sweet Island) and Kazhdiy Den (Every Day) brands, have already reached the shelves of its stores in the country, providing it with a further way to compete in the country and to stand out from rivals.

Auchan set to invest €250m in relaunch plan

Auchan, through its Immochan-owned subsidiary in the country Gallerie Commerciali Italia (Gci), has announced plans to invest €250m in its operations in the country as part of a renovation and updating programme. The company said that it would initially start with its four stores in Sardinia, where it will invest €50m over the course of approximately three years, with the majority set to be spent in the Marconi Cagliari outlet. Commenting on the renovation programme for the stores and their surrounding shopping centres, Gci’s CEO, Edoardo Favro, said: “ Food and entertainment will be central, with the catering area as ‘pole of attraction.’

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