15 February 2017
Albert Heijn’s digital initiatives

Netherlands-based, Ahold Delhaize-owned Albert Heijn has launched a new app that will target shoppers who use the To Go convenience format. Separate from Appie, the To Go app will enable shoppers to receive time of day deals and messages.

‘To Go’ app targets different dayparts

The app automatically sends users exclusive deals depending on the time of the day. According to Albert Heijn users will also be able to save free products onto the app for use at a later date. The app shows shoppers all the deals available at that moment, while also providing loyalty card information and recipe ideas. To redeem the deal, users drag down the deal card and scan it at the checkout.

Launches own YouTube channel

Separately, Albert Heijn launched its own YouTube channel, Appie Today. The retailer said the channel is targeted at younger shoppers and aims to connect with them in an innovative way. The channel will provide vlogs, shows, reviews and informative features about food, trends and current affairs. The retailer said the content will be produced in conjunction with its shoppers and employees.

Operates AR-driven promotional campaign

Meanwhile, the company has also launched a new promotional campaign in conjunction with the Efteling amusement park. Shoppers who download the app can create interactive, augmented reality versions of seven of the fairy tales represented at Efteling, while also allowing them to experience two of the park’s roller coasters. The app is activated by scanning an ‘Efteling stamp’, which shoppers receive with every €5 spent in an Albert Heijn. For every four stamps collected, shoppers receive a €10 discount on the entrance fee to Efteling.

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